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You Are Free

Have you bought the lie? Many of us do. We measure our worth by what others think of us. We compare and strive, existing mostly for the approval of others. Pressure rises, anxiety creeps in and we hus

ISBN10 : 0310345561 , ISBN13 : 9780310345565

Page Number : 240

Iran Awakening

In this remarkable book, Shirin Ebadi, Iranian human rights lawyer and activist, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, tells her extraordinary life story. Dr Ebadi is a tireless voice for reform in her nati

ISBN10 : 1407028367 , ISBN13 : 9781407028361

Page Number : 256

Tilli S Story

I think about what I want and what makes me happy, But orderly and quietly to myself. Because my thoughts tear down fortresses and walls, My thoughts are free. -German folk song, author unknown The be

ISBN10 : 1583480722 , ISBN13 : 9781583480724

Page Number : 302

Transform Your Life

By following the practical advice given in this resource, readers can transform their minds and lives, fulfill their human potential, and find everlasting peace and happiness. What is the real meaning

ISBN10 : 9780948006753 , ISBN13 : 0948006757

Page Number : 416

Confronting Evils

In this contribution to philosophical ethics, Claudia Card revisits the theory of evil developed in her earlier book The Atrocity Paradigm (2002), and expands it to consider collectively perpetrated a

ISBN10 : 1139491709 , ISBN13 : 9781139491709

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